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GUERRILLAMP - This Silverback may be diurnal but comes alive at night to illuminate your urban jungle.
BLOON - Lifts you to new heights!
GIRO - Stretches the lighting limits of your habitat or workspace!

BUGG - Inquisitive, playful, precocious...  just darn cute!
GIRO at the WATERHOLE - Always reaching, this Giro can be perched high to shine light down on any task.
CAMELAMP - Our favorite desert creature treks through your environs and thirsts for good company!
WARRIOR - Poised to defend your world!
BUG-EYED SPRITE - Poised to illuminate your darkest corners.
Junction Box Turtle plods into your space, shedding light in his slow, meticulous manner.
DWOG - Waits every day faithfully for you to wag his tail and turn him on!
SPRITE IN MOTION - This creature's sinuous movement will trap your heart!
Critter's forward-looking, balanced posture brings an air of elegance to your environment.

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The Industrial Illuminations line is a series of art object lamps constructed primarily of galvanized metal pipe combined with the highest quality electrical components.  Some might even label the style DieselPunk.  Aliens, androids, and aberrant animals comprise the group whose primary purpose is to delight while providing illumination of multifarious sorts to their fortunate keepers and environs.


Our products are meticulously and artfully handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  Critical joints on all models are metal pinned to prevent accidental and unwanted movement.  All constructions leave our production facilities fully domesticated for placement on your furnishings with felt-padded feet, pods, hooves, bottoms, or stands.