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Bug-Eyed Sprite


More sedate than his rowdy sibling, Sprite-in-Motion, Bug-eyed Sprite has an arachnid stance - and with only four legs!

He is poised to illuminate your nights by staring down darkness until it disappears.

Sprite's head holds twin 15 watt peering eyebulbs.

He's composed primarily of galvanized metal with high quality electrical components.

Sprite's brass stinger tail with special grease fitting tip doubles as an on-off toggle switch.

He's wired with an 8 foot heavy duty clear electrical cord with contemporary clear plug.

His stealthy feet are padded with felt to protect your furniture.

Allow Sprite into your home or office to shed light where others fear to tread!

Dimensions:  approximately 8" high, 14 1/4" long, 7" wide.

Please note that actual products may vary slightly from pictured models due to parts availability.

A stylized galvanized metal lighting fixture and work of art.


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