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Who ever knew that galvanized pipe could look so fluid!?

Sprite's more gregarious brother (or sister?), Sprite-in-Motion is positioned to pounce, but he won't...

SIM's canted head peers at you with twin 15 watt eyebulbs.

His body is mostly galvanized metal coursing throughout with high quality electrical components.

Sprite-in-Motion's brass stinger tail with special grease fitting tip doubles as an on-off toggle switch, but you might have to sneak up on him to touch it.

He's wired with an 8 foot heavy duty clear electrical cord and contemporary clear plug.

His perfectly positioned feet are padded with felt to protect your precious surfaces.

Rock SIM forward onto his front legs and he takes on a low, hungry, crouching stance.

Welcome him into your space and feel safe knowing the Sprite-in-Motion is looking out for you!

Dimensions:  approximately 9" high, 15" long, 9" wide.

Please note that actual products may vary slightly from pictured models due to parts availability.

A stylized galvanized metal lighting fixture and work of art.


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