What MAkes our Products Special?

Small Guerrillamp stands tall for you!
Small Guerrillamp stands tall for you!

 After many years wearing Architect, Contractor, Construction Management, Healing Facilitator, Photographer, Sculptor, and other hats, Joseph decided to merge his experiences, try something new, and turn from service-oriented businesses

to a product-oriented one. 

DudaWerx was born as an amalgamated blend of a lifetime of experience,

tempered with a dash of fun.


Are our products Art?

Are they Industrial Sculpture?

Are they practical and functional products that will make your life brighter? 

Yes, yes, and yes!

       Electrical plus Plumbing equals A Whole Bunch of FUN!
Electrical plus Plumbing equals A Whole Bunch of FUN!

Industrial Illuminations is the synergistic meeting of two different architectures that, by design, were never meant to interface -

Electrical and Plumbing.  

And, under normal circumstances, Electrical + Plumbing = YIKES!!! But, as you can see, our products are anything but normal.


Let's face it, plumbing parts are relatively primitive, crude, mass-produced chunks of metal, destined to be wrenched together with basic, clunky tools. At DudaWerx, we elevate these lowly, galvanized building materials into sophisticated works of art worthy of moving from hidden inside your walls to the centerpiece of your living room.

Here comes Critter, happily ambling into your space!
Here comes Critter, happily ambling into your space!


 Our products are pinned and reinforced at critical junctures to prevent accidental and unwanted movement and to ensure

durability and years of enjoyment. 

All electrical connections are solidly insulated and

extensively tested for integrity and safety. 

  Creases, joints, and outer extrusions are meticulously aligned to transform a collection of crude elements into synergized, precision works of art.

 What emerges are stylized representations of the real and

imagined creatures they embody.

Dwog keeps begging you for a good home. Help!
Dwog keeps begging you for a good home. Help!


Can you say je ne sais quoi?


There is a balance, an aesthetic, and an architectural proportion that emerges with each creation.  With decades of experience in the design, architecture, and construction fields, Joseph Duda, a licensed architect and contractor, brings a seasoned perspective of practicality, agelessness, and time-honored craftsmanship to each product.  


Every creation is lovingly handcrafted and tested numerous times

before it leaves our Santa Fe studio.


All products are constructed with as many UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved components as possible.  (Some parts used are not under the purview of UL approval.) While we take great pride in the quality and safety of our products, they are NOT UL listed.  They are considered handcrafted, limited-production works of ART.  

DudaWerx, LLC is not liable for any damages or injuries caused by the misuse, disassembling, or mishandling of these products.