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Bloon lifts your spirits - awakening the child in all of us!

He's the first entry in our emerging and quickly expanding Android line!

Bloon's head is a 15 watt round candelabra bulb and he proudly carries a 15 watt colored round balloon bulb.

He's composed primarily of galvanized metal with high quality electrical components.

You can turn Bloon on by touching his appropriately-located switch - but do you dare!?

He's wired with an 8 foot heavy duty clear electrical cord with a contemporary clear plug.

Bloon sits on a 10 1/2" pebbled, galvanized round pedestal.

His balloon will never burst and neither will yours!

Dimensions:  approximately 20 1/2" to top of balloon, 10 1/2" wide (base), 10 1/2" deep (base).

Please note that actual products may vary slightly from pictured models due to parts availability.

A stylized galvanized metal lighting fixture and work of art.


  • Available for ordering now!
  • Shipping anticipated within 7 - 14 business days

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