What better way to demonstrate the awesome, life-changing power

of DudaWerx animal lamp creations than an actual, unretouched, visual

before-and-after sequence?

I'm hungry.  Is he going to call?  I haven't checked Instagram for 15 whole minutes.  When's dinner?  I wonder where I left my iPod...









Bored teens contemplating the meaning of life (or something similar).

I'll never have to go back to Facebook again!







 ** AFTER **

Critter appears and their lives are immediately and irreparably changed forever!

"Very, very cool and exciting products!" - Michael H., Recording Artist

"Having known Joseph Duda for many years, I have honored his many gifts. 

These lamp creations are as unique and fun as he is."  - Harriette K., Evolutionist

"What fun - and a great way to re-use plumbing parts that usually

go to the landfill by the dumpster load from many remodels."  - Bob P., Senior Finance Manager

"These are bound to make you smile and enjoy life a whole lot more!  And you don't have to feed them either.  They reflect a nod of self love and a big YES to life!"  -  Ahara V., WABA Aquatic Body Therapist/ Watsu & Healing Dance Instructor