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Giro at the Waterhole


This Giro puts life in a new perspective.  As he spreads his forelegs, he sheds light in a different manner than his sibling, Giro.  Place him on a shelf to light your area from above, where he will keep a placid eye on your world.

His head is a 25 watt candelabra, antique chandelier bulb with a "Z"-shaped filament utilizing a high-end socket.

He's primarily composed of galvanized metal with superior quality electrical components.

GATW's brass tail with special grease fitting tip doubles as his on-off switch.

An 8 foot, heavy duty clear electrical cord with clear contemporary plug provides the juice to light him up.

His feet are padded with soft felt to protect your valuable furniture.

Order Giro at the Waterhole today and welcome him into your urban jungle!

Dimensions:  approximately 10 1/2" high, 25" long, 15 1/2" wide.

Please note that actual products may vary slightly from pictured models due to parts availability.

A stylized galvanized metal lighting fixture and work of art.


  • Available for ordering now!
  • Shipping anticipated within 7 - 14 business days

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